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This is usually a blog about FM, but once in a while I like to talk about other stuffs around the web. This is one of those times, because I am going to talk a little bit about fashion and clothes. I will talk about those because in the recent months I was experimenting a little bit with clothing and reading some fashion blogs to see what the trends are.

I was just a simple FM player, choosing a lot of comfortable clothes on my nights playing the game with RW Essen, Banik Ostrava or Toulouse. I still prefer comfortable clothes for those occasions, but when I go out in the world, I prefer to vary my style. I don’t go around town dressing like the men models that you will see on stages, but I try going out with a little bit of style.

An interesting jacket, maybe a colorful shirt or maybe some styles shoes. Even if I go around trying to play some football, I still want to have some nice clothes.

But why that change, would you ask ? Well, first, I didn’t had enough money to get the game last year, I had to wait for a while to buy it, and I was disappointed, because it was a crappy game. So it was time to get a better paid job to afford all of these things. And if you want to get a better job, you have dress a little bit better. I’ve studied a page on what to wear for an interview, and after several meeting I finally got offered a cool job in my domain.

So that’s most of the story of what I’ve done in the last year or so. I’m on the job 5 days a week, I earn a little bit more money and probably by the end of December I will buy the game and start adding some screenshots about it. I want to try the tablet version to see how it works, but I only have an iPad 3 in my posession, so I won’t be able for the moment. But I would get the laptop version soon, maybe even in the Christmas period, if I’m lucky and get a bonus.

I work on a firm work on IT in different domains, like creating software in php, .net and other things – you can check out more things about the outsourcing software in Romania in the article in which I’ve just left a link in. It’s a good job and I still spend a lot of hours on a computer, but not playing, but actually doing something useful.

So, in the end, that’s the hole story of the last few months. In the coming weeks you will see more info about FM 2016, the good, the bad and ugly parts of it.



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