New Year Resolutions


Since the last time I’ve wrote something around here, I have actually bought and played FM 2016. And then I’ve uninstalled it. Mostly because for the moment is quite bad and I don’t like the graphics at all. But the main reason was that I didn’t had enough space on my SSD for this game. Yes, I have a small SSD on my laptop, so I don’t really keep a lot of things on my laptop unless they are needed on some immediate future.

But that’s not that important. The important thing now is that we are in 2016 (the actual year of the game), so I felt that it was time for a new change, after the one that got me a better job and frankly, got me a better life. You know that every year on 31st of December, people make some sort of resolutions that they promise to keep in the next year, only to fail them on the next days. Well, I have entered on this game and I have two resolutions for the next year.

1. Travel to France for the UEFA Euro 2016 – I want to see Romania playing on a European championship, since it’s not a thing that it’s going to happen again in my youth. France is not that far away, and I think that a trip there would be fantastic. Of course, going there with a car, so I can visit the sites while Romania it’s not playing.

2. Going to gym more often. Honestly, I have a simple target: go to the gym at least twice a week for some weight lifting. I even got a gym t-shirt specially for this, so I better keep this on. Oh, and running 5 km a week, at least. No mather what, but at least 5 km a week. I can do 1 km a day or 5 km in a single day (not very likely), i just need to get it done to improve my fitness.

Those are my new year resolutions. What are yours ?


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