New Theme, new articles soon


It’s been a while since I didn’t write anything on this football manager blog. It was a period with a lot of miles on the road and very little time to play football manager. But being summer, I manage to find time to make some modifications here.

Those who visited the blog until yesterday could now observe some changes: a new theme for the blog! After a long time, I felt it was time to get in line with the world and I’ve added a wordpress responsive theme. So if you watch this on tablet, you can observe that now it looks good.

I managed to get the game about 3 hours ago, I barely managed to play one or two games to make an impression, but as I can see, this game doesn’t differ to much from FM 2013 on game quality. Still shitty on some aspects. Anyway…

I will soon add some new articles on the blog, mostly related to add-ons, skins, kits and logos for FM 2014. Because it’s update time here on FMBuff!


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