Why football players screw up relations


Being a football players doesn’t seem to be such a stressful job, someone would say. You just play some football once a week for an hour and a half and get paid tons of money. But every players that reaches the top divisions have an extra stress: the football press and their interest into the personal lives of the football players.

In the last years, we had some interesting cases in which football players had some issues keeping out their relations. Maybe the fame, maybe the money, who knows. Some I know for sure that they were just reckless and didn´t care about what they did, many players drive around carelessly. The one case that I remember clearly is the one of Rafael Van der Vaart. I mean, at one point, the guy got on the top: managed to play for Real Madrid, played at two world cups and three European Championship competitions.

He was one of the top lefties in the world, an excellent free-kick taker and an incredible vision on the game. And to top that, he managed to get a beautiful life. Sylvie Meis, a dutch model with Indonesian blood, a well known television personality. Very pretty, I remember some photos from an event in Germany, from the time Rafael Van der Vaart played at Hamburg, where she wear an “etuikleider“, which is basicaly a sheath dress, and she looked stunning.

Things however went bad, after a breast cancer battle for Sylvie and them some cheating was on, they separated in 2013. Van der Vaart never rose to the same level. Now he plays in Denmark at FC Midtjylland.

There are a lot of cases in which couples that contain a football player don’t really develop well. At a simple search you find thousand of results on google about it. Most of the time however, the men is the one with the problem. And in the last year, a lot of players have been convicted to jail time or probation, specially in UK, where players like Jon Flanagan, who recently got sentenced to 40 hours of unpaid work and 12 month community order or assaulting his girlfriend. Or players that got some dues to pay because they were drunk behind the wheel.

And I don’t understand those cases. You make a lot of cash, but you aren’t able to call a cab, Uber or hire a driver for you to take you where you need ? Especially since you know that you like to party. No problem with that, but don’t drive while in that state.

Most of the players described aren’t bad players, they have a lot of cash, but most of them seem to be unhappy for some reason. I wish I knew what that was.


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