Best roads in Europe


Driving holidays are fun for car and motorcycle riders who adore fine driving and dramatic mountainous scenery. We are pretty sure there are plenty amazing hidden roads in the world, but we are slightly subjective and list the ones that fit our taste, just like a travel and services experience at ExposeYourselfusa Miami.

Stelvio Passo – Italy

Stelvio Pass, situated in South Tirol (Italy) became famous after Top Gear team drove on the 48 switchback turns from Bormio to the top of the mountain. Riding is great and reaching one of the highest roads in the world (2757m) is fulfilling. Stelvio Pass became one of the most desired tour roads since 2008 the BBC’s show. Yearly countless drivers, riders and even bikers take the challenge to reach the area around Bella Vista Hotel. Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW’s (cars and motorcycles) are just a few of the brands lining up victoriously in the parking place on Stelvio. It is one of those occasions when, if you are not a lucky owner, you promise yourself to rent a similar branded car, even for a Stelvio day trip.

Transfagarasan Road – Romania

The road in Carpathians, Romanian Transfagarasan became famous due to the same car show, Top Gear. Crossing Fagaras Mountains, Transfagarasan stretches on 90 km from south to north (Bascov to Arefu- Sibiu) and passes by the highest peaks in the country (Moldoveanu and Negoiu). The road is spectacular so is its history, as it was built in 1970 at Nicolae Ceasusescu communist leader request.

If you are into driving, you will surely enjoy plenitude of S turns, the road waving up to Balea (top of the mountain 2042 m) and down, the hairpin curves, both lovely and threatening.

The Fagaras mountains are scenic and landscape unfolds one wonder after another: mountains, waterfall, rivers, Vidraru lake, wild animals. Clarkson asserted that Transfagarasan is the best road in the world, better than Stelvio.

Col de la Bonnette

Situated in the maritime Alps, Col de la Bonnette is the highest European road (2807 m) and one of the most scenic places where you can savour a driving trip.

Challenging driving rewards the driver along the way with beautiful green scenery and the smoothness of the road. Likewise the other two listed roads (Transfagarasan and Stelvio), Col de la Bonnette takes the best of of a rider and enchants nature lovers.

This our selection for the day! In case you are planning your summer holiday, it is high time to start with one of the driving tours we wrote about.


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