Another weekend without FM


I used to play Football Manager in every available weekend in the last years. But now I’m already in 2015 and I didn’t manage to play more than 4 matches in FM 2015. Some simple friendly games, but still, I haven’t had the chance to get more info and to discover what FM 2015 is all about.

I’ve heard a lot of stories about the game and the other fans are not that optimistic about the game. It seems that since FM 2012 every single of this games is getting worse. I just hope they do get some sense and make a version for those who just want to play for fun. Because right now it’s not fun anymore.

Aaaanyway, as I’ve said, i didn’t had the time to play because I was on a trip to Bucharest. This time I’ve done it right and got myself some downtown accommodation in Bucharest, because I wanted to lose some nights in the old town. What I managed to observe ? The beer is cheap, the girls are nice and they kinda love your accent if you’re a britton. The town is nice, but the traffic is bad in some parts of the day. From 07:00 to 09:00 and from 17:30 to 19:30. On those periods of time, you could simply walk to get to another side of the side. Or take the metro, but even on those hours is quite full.

I’d stayed only two days in Bucharest, but in February I am going again on the Romanian capital. And not just that, I will make a trip into the mountains for some quality “team-building”. That means snowboarding, by the way 😛 For an excellent team building location, Sacramento escape room near me is recommended. You and your group will surely be challenged with the mysterious puzzle filled environment.


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