Latvia leagues FM 2012


Latvia custom league for FM 2012 was created by Pasists from (credit). It’s a nice league, if you can handle the names from there. There are around 4-5 teams that are very good (Ventspils, Skonto Riga, Metalurg Ljepajas, Daugava), so you wouldn’t get quite bored after 2 years of playing. It would be nice if I could find Estonia and Lithuania leagues for FM 2012, I would create a Baltic league.

Anyway, let’s get to the description of Latvia league on FM 2012

The league consists of three levels:
– Latvian Higher League (16 teams; 2 relegation spots)
– Latvian First Division (18 teams; 2 promo spots; 3 relegation spots)
– Latvian Second Division (3 groups, 10 teams in each group; winner qualifies for First division)

Some images from Latvia league on FM 2012

Download Link –

Download Link –


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