FM 2011 Custom Database – Luxembourg


I created a custom league for Luxembourg. Not to many modification, unfortunately not 100 % as is IRL. As far as i found out, in Luxembourg, as in Belgium, you need to have at least 2 players U21 in your match squad. No Non-EU squad restrictions.

Luxembourg National Division have 14 teams. The winner goes into Champions League Qualifications, The second, the third and the cup winner (or the fourth, depinds who wins the cup) go into Europa League Qualifications.

The 13 and 14 places relegate, the 11 and 12 goes on playoff. About playoff, after i tell you some details about the second division.

In the real Luxembourg Promotion Division there are only 12 teams, in the game are 24. Because i couldn’t delete them all, i decided to split the into 2 grups of…. 12 teams. The winner in each group goes to Luxembourg National Division. The second place from the same groups goes into the playoff with the 11 and 12 places teams. ( i had to make some database changes, as you can see)

There is a League play, and only the best 2 are going up. Is not exactly like IRL, but it’s similar. Every team have a reserve and an u21 team, so you can send your worst players there. As a detail, if you play with all players from France, you can attract some good players on your team.

That’s about all I can say about it. Hope you like it and you’ll try it, when you got bored of other leagues.




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