FM 2014 – A new beggining


After a long time, I managed to get FM 2014 on my laptop and play it a little bit. Unfortunately, my laptop is quite old for this type of game (a hint for me that I should change the laptop soon, because it will become somewhat obsolete) and FM 2014 doesn’t roll as it used to be.

Anyway, I just started the game with the 2014 summer update in Romania. I just wanted to see how the Romanian championship would look in the next game :).

So I’ve started the game in Romania…. and then I went on holiday. For one year. Because I really wanted to start the game in 2014. So.. yeah. I did that. It took a little bit of time for the game to go through one year, but finally I was in 30th of May 2014 in the game, Romanian League. In that season, there were some interesting things. Let’s start with the standings in Romanian First Division:


Well, CFR Cluj won the league with the players that now have, which is weird, because I don’t see them now as a team capable of winning titles. Astra Giurgiu got here usual second place, 3 points behind CFR Cluj and Petrolul Ploiesti came third, as expected. The 4th place occupied by Steaua at the end of the season is somehow surprising. Somehow, because they’ve lost some good players in the last year and didn’t really got enough good players for the new season.

Otelul was the surprise, winning the Romanian Cup after a 3-0 victory in the final against Steaua Bucharest. So they are going to play in Europa League in the next season.

Dinamo Bucharest finished only 8th, somehow normal after they reconstructed they’re squad. The surprise is Rapid Bucharest, that finished seven. I’ve saw the first they had this year against Steaua and i’m quite sure that they won’t finish as high in the real world.

CSMS Iasi, U Cluj, FC Botosani and Concordia Chiajna relegated at the end of the season. If CSMS Iasi and Concordia Chiajna are kind of bound for relegation this season, I was surprised to see FC Botosani there. They have a really good squad right now, so I highly doubt that in the real world they would relegate at the end of the season. CSU Craiova and ASA Targu Mures survived this season, barely.

So I went forward to see which teams would promote to the second and first division at the start of the new 2014-2015 season in Romanian.

And the teams that promoted to the Romanian First Division are: ACS Poli, FC Brasov, Sageata Navodari and Gloria Bistrita.

Team promoted to Romanian Second Division are: Viitorul Axintele, CSM Moinesti and Chindia Targoviste (Seria 1) and FC Caransebes, SCM Pitesti and U Craiova (Seria 2)

What happens next ? Well, stay tuned, because in some hours I will write a new episode for this game, an episode in which I hope I can sign at least with a Second Division team from Romania.



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