I’ve tried to play FM again

.... and failed. Badly.


I mean, I only tried to create the Romanian Third and Fourth Division, since it’s the only thing that interest me in FM 2016. Oh yea, forgot to mention, I tried to edit and play FM 2016 and I didn’t really managed to play a lot.

Why, you ask ? Because of the many functions in the game. I do like to have an option to thinker with the game a bit, but mostly I’m interested into buying players, buying p4rgaming services and getting the finances right for the next season, so I can get the best players on the market.

And since FM 2015, the game doesn’t offer that anymore. You have to check out a lot of news and things that you normally don’t want to know about. And I prefer the 2D classic view of the game, the 3D view only makes the game speed worse.

I used to love playing the game. Now, however, that passion is gone.

I tried to convince myself that FM 2018 would be better. But from the reviews that I get, it is not. Not yet. I would like to play out the updated version, but I don’t think that it’s going to worth the 55 euro that I would have to pay now. Or lower, if you get it from Kinguin or G2A.

Anyway, if I’ll get a good offer until march, I’ll probably buy the game just for the feel. But I don’t expect to be enjoyable.

Simple is better, at least for this game.

I would just loved a FM 2010 version of this game with the updated database. However, I know that is not possible.


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