Football Manager 2013 Release Date


Football Manager 2013 Release Date has been finally announced by Miles Jacobsen, the Sports Interactive Director. We can play the new game since the 2nd of November, at midnight (00:01). The servers would probably be full, so it’s going to be hard to download the game then.

But no worries, i am already prepared. The game was pre-ordered online and i’m waiting for it in November. A nice gift for my birthday, which is two days later.

Anyway, let’s get the tweet and the official communicate here:

The waiting is over. We can now reveal that Football Manager 2013 will be released on Friday 2nd November at 00:01 (GMT). We’ve also confirmed the best pre-order incentive we’ve ever offered by letting you play the game 2 weeks before release (participating retailers only). For more information visit Let us know what you think.

The official communicate:

I’m really excited to be able to announce that the release date for Football Manager 2013 on PC & Mac will be Friday November 2nd at 00.01 GMT – that’ll be the time we’ll turn on the Steam servers to allow people to start playing the game.

This year we also have a very special reward for those people who have pre-ordered the game from participating retailers – you’ll actually get to play a version of the game 2 weeks upfront.

So, 2 weeks before release those who have pre-ordered (from participating retailers, which I’ll have to repeat every time for legally type reasons) you’ll be able to download a beta version of the game which will be very close to the final game, and play to your hearts’ content. The beta will include FM, classic mode & challenges, but will not include the network game.

This beta version will be playable until Monday November 5th, so if your game doesn’t turn up until Monday’s post, you’ll still be able to play, but you’ll need to install the finished game after that point.

Saved games will be compatible with the final game.

You can find a list of participating digital, online & bricks and mortar retailers who are participating in the pre-order reward scheme here.

As an extra special bonus, people who buy FIFA13 (PS3 & Xbox 360) from GAME retail outlets in the UK and pre-order FM13 from them at the same time will get a voucher for £5 off the retail price of FM13 on its release. This offer is only available til the shops close on Monday 1st October.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

So, for those who bought the game from those retailers, good luck. You will play the game 2 weeks before other peoples. I preordered the game from Sortitoutsi, but i didn’t manage to see them on the list. We shall see if I can play a Beta version or not.

So, just one month to go until we can play, to make it simple, the best football management game in the world 😀


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