FM Games, nothing new


So, I’ve actually bought and played FM 2016 and it was bitter disappointment, since I couldn’t actually play without a thousand things charging in the background. So I’ve abandoned for the moment the game, because of the disappointment that it crated me. We haven’t had a good FM game since FM 2012, and that says a lot of things. SEGA & SI, please bring back that game for us. We don’t actually have any fun playing it anymore, and that’s a problem… since it’s a game.

People won’t pay money for a game that get’s them bored after an hour. Ok, a lot of function, but where’s the simplicity and nice design that we have at FM 2007, FM 2010 and FM 2012. Of course, the latest versions of those game.

It was fun to play, with our 2D Classic Figurines, no tones of graphics and things that charge a lot. We love that we could load multiple leagues, we loved when you offered us a chance to play in other leagues after we’ve played there over a year and got bored. But the basic of the game has changed, even with it’s flauds, you could get a small team from England Championship to win the title in Premier League after 6 or 10 years. And that was fun, kept a lot of people entertained for a lot of time.

Those time are gone. For the moment. Please made a version of this game that is actually playable and maybe you’ll get us back on the hook.


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