FM 2016 announcement date


Football Manager 2016 was officially announced and it will be coming to the world on 13th of November 2015, which is quite nice, we already have a date. And right now there are announced the new features for the FM 2016 games series that will be launched in November. Because is not only going to be FM 2016 for PC and Mac, but they are going to lauch FM 2016 Touch and FM 2016 Mobile, for tablet and phone users (later in the year). I can understand the tablet usage, mostly because you play it quite nicely on a 10″ tablet, but for the phone… well, not that convinced.

So, what is going to be new in this game ?

1. Customise your own touchline manager character & see them and other managers on the touchline


2. Match engine – 2000+ new animations, deeper set-piece control, improved AI & brand-new highlights package


3. Fantasy draft mode, that’s interesting – Go head-to-head with mates in Fantasy Draft mode


4. Create a club mode – Replace an existing team with one of your own. Choose a name, colours & add yourself with Create-a-Club mode


5. Pro-Zone integration within the game – Deeper match analysis, player & team stats with Prozone integration


6. Big changes and improvements to transfer, contract, player & contract screens (and many more) – let’s see how those will influence us in the game.


7. TOUCH: Cross-play between desktop & tablet – hmm, i have to see that in action when the touch version comes out.


8. Some upgrades to board requests, finances, press conferences & more


9. Depiction and treatment of injuries more realistic than ever before (no pictures for this one).

For more info, try and go here and find out more.


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