FM 2015 Release Date


Sports Interactive just announced yesterday that the new FM 2015 game will be available sometime in November. I hope that on 4th. It would be nice to have the games just on my birthday. More information about the game will be released in October, so let’s hope they do improve the game play a little bit and sort out the “Key” vs “Extended” part of the game, because in FM 2014, the games are quite short and without many scoring opportunities in “Key” mode and to long and the real important scoring opportunities in “Extended” mode. But that just something that I dislike.

Let’s see if the will bring something interesting up, maybe a more normal skin for the FM Classic, because the actual one is quite… colourful, let’s say. It would be nice if they would make a mode of play just for National Teams. I quite playing with a country, so a Mode just for playing with countries on EU Championship or World Cup without having to wait a lot on holiday to load all the results from the country you started the game with. There are a lot of things that they could do, but let’s see what they prepare for us in October.

What do you expect from the next game in the Football Manager series ?

PS: If you want the game with a 10 % discount, check out the SI Insider. You will get an early access to the Beta Version of FM 2015.


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