FM 2015. Installed and ready to go!


Yes, the day has finally come. I have installed FM 2015 on my laptop and I am going to proceed with a little bit of play. And I’ve installed some extra leagues in Romania and decided to start playing with …. a team from another country. Because I couldn’t bring any player or staff on my League 4 Team in Romania.

So I’ve started to play with Salernitana in Seria C / C. I managed to play some friendlies with Gelsenkirchen II and Salernitana II, both won with 4-1, which is nice. But those were some weak teams, so I need to play some good teams to see if I have a change of getting back on Serie B. It’s going to be hard.

About the game. It’s nice, but lost the charm of just starting the game and play like a maniac. Right now I think it’s way to complicated for those who actually work and when they come home just want to enjoy playing a couple of games with their favourite team. That “charm” was lost, since FM 2012 I couldn’t enjoy the game as I used to. It’s a shame.

I don’t think that SI would listen to my request and release a simpler “FM 2012” version only with players update, so I don’t know if I’ll play the next versions of this game. It’s just getting way to complicated with 3D, the game is slow, you can’t enjoy the former spirit of Football Manager.

That’s my impression after one hour of FM 2015. And it’s hard to think that I am going to change it.


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