FM 2014 Pre-Order


FM 2014

As you might now, FM 2014 is now available for pre-order. The price now for pre-order is… well, we don’t know on steam yet, because they haven’t released a price. But Sega will sell the game on the usual 50 Euros, around 42 pounds, depending on … economy.

But what you can find new in the game ? Let’s find out.

1. You can play it on Linux now, which is something new and somehow cool. However, the vast majority of FM players use windows, but there will be some fans that would love to see FM 2014 on Linux.

2. Improved 3D Match Engine – well, for those who love 3D Match Engine, you will see some nice new improved stuffs. But since I am a fan of 2D Match Engine, i’ll just live it here.

3. More realistic transfers & contracts – we will see what are the new things on contracts. I do hope that are a little bit better then in the last game.

4. New set of tactics – I do hope they actually improved them, not like in the last game.

5. Improved interactions with players, media & staff, more sophisticated board interactions, improved news system – some improvements that we will have to see.

6. Enhanced user interface – some key areas redefined, we will have to see which of them.

7. An Improved FM Classic – i do hope that they improved some things there, espacially the theme.

Well, we will just have to wait and see what SEGA and SI come out with on FM 2014.


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