FM 2013 Beta is now Available


Last night around 2 AM i managed to download and install the beta version of football manager 2013 and i have some things to mention about.

– First, it seems now i don’t have anymore problems with the 2D Classic view like in FM 2012. I don’t know what was the problem in FM 2012 with 2D Classic on my laptop, but it seems they’ve solved it.

– After playing about 5-6 games in FM 2013, i saw that if you play just to see the key phases of the game, you will almost only see the goals. Where is the unpredictibility ? On extended is to long, on key is to short. We need something in between. I hope that until the official launch date they manage to sort this out.

– The skin is quite horrible with white. I want a dark version of that skin as well.

– Challenge mode is quite fun and there are some things different from the normal FM 2013. I’ve started the challenge of saving ACS Poli Timisoara from relegation with a full second part of the championship on go. I managed to won the first game with 4-2 after some very inspired changes.

– In FM 2012 was a little bug in which if a team got a player with a red card, that team suddenly started to play damn well. Now it seems that they’ve sorted this out and no more bullshits like that.

Soon i will try to make a huge database file for FM 2013. Stay tuned 😛 Done – here is the page – FM 2013 Huge Database


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