FM Games, nothing new

19 May 2016 admin 0

So, I’ve actually bought and played FM 2016 and it was bitter disappointment, since I couldn’t actually play without a thousand things charging in the […]

FM 2016 announcement date

7 September 2015 admin 0

Football Manager 2016 was officially announced and it will be coming to the world on 13th of November 2015, which is quite nice, we already […]

FM 2016 Line-up

7 September 2015 admin 0

And this is a direct quote from website, for all the three new games that are coming out in November 13, 2015. Football Manager […]

FM 2015 Release Date

10 August 2014 admin 0

Sports Interactive just announced yesterday that the new FM 2015 game will be available sometime in November. I hope that on 4th. It would be […]

FM 2014 Release Date

13 September 2013 admin 0

Sports Interactive and Sega officially announced the release date for FM 2014. And it’s going to be in October. On the 31st of October, starting […]

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FM 2014 Pre-Order

14 August 2013 admin 0

As you might now, FM 2014 is now available for pre-order. The price now for pre-order is… well, we don’t know on steam yet, because […]

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Football Manager 1888

5 April 2013 admin 0

On the 1st of April we’ve got a got joke from Football Manager team (SI) with the “release” of Football Manager 1888, where you could’ve […]